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Many independent survey reports revealed that small businesses that take the time to invest in a good candidate screening process improve the quality of their hires by 70 percent. Small businesses need to refine their hiring processes like never before. As the labor market has tightened in Indian, hiring has become a challenge for businesses of every size. There are simply not enough qualified employees for the number of open positions.

Education degree or certificate manipulation cases are also rose significantly. Hence at least the following basic checks are mandatory for every employee:

Reference Checks (Knowy Provides reference Check services In Bangalore)

This is one of the biggest foundations of the background screening process. Reference checks give small businesses a good idea of who they are considering since past performance often dictates future expectations.

Education Verification (Knowy Provides Education Verification In Bangalore)

Business owners want to be sure the information provided is truthful here, but they also need to be aware of the law. Small businesses need to be familiar with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and other laws at the local, state or federal level that are designed to protect candidates.

Criminal Records (Knowy Provides Criminal Record Check Services In Bangalore)

There are a variety of circumstances where these are mandatory. They include past arrests as well as warrants and even pending charges. Medical organizations and government agencies as well as any business that handles lots of money will ask for one of these.

Driver’s License Verification (Knowy Provides DL Verification In Bangalore)

If you’re a small business with employees that will be delivering or driving on business, verifying their driver’s license is valid is important.

Drug Testing (Knowy Provides Drug Test In Bangalore)

Timing and sequence is everything when it comes to a complete background check.

Your Human Resource is Your Most Valuable Asset. Hence it become even more significant to ensure that you are investing in the Best!

KNOWY INFOTECH PRIVATE LIMITED engaged in rendering seamless background Verification services to the clients in Bangalore.

Headquartered in Gurgaon (Delhi/NCR, India), Knowy providing employee background verification services in Bangalore and almost every major city in India. Over the years Knowy established itself as a major employee verification company in India. We are rated among top in the list of leading employee background verification agencies in India. In order to meet the specifications of our clients, we maintain healthy and straightforward relationships with them throughout our dealing. We are among reputable employee background verification companies, agencies in Bangalore India.

Knowy background verification offers a broad selection of commercial background check services which include Employee Background Verification, Pre-Employment Verification, Post-Employment Verification, Vendor Verification, Support Staff Verification, Tenant Verification, KYC Solutions, Company Due Diligence and Drug Check. Our team is made up of highly trained and certified professionals, researchers and agents who deliver results by conducting concluded investigation. From pre-employment screening to comprehensive background reports, we are 100% committed to provide each of our clients with the most accurate and up-to-date information available so that you can make the best decision for your business.

Background Verification Company in Bangalore

We are leading Background Verification Company in Bangalore. We provide services in Delhi, Bangalore. Our esteemed clients include Fortune 500+ companies and top brands from Bangalore and PAN India.

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As verification experts, KNOWY is here to support you with your compliance processes so that you can shift your time and focus to what really matters – making your business successful.

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