Education degree / certificate verification in India involves validation of certificates provided by institutes/ boards/ universities. Knowy Education Degree Verification involves authentication of almost every aspect of the document provided like Roll No, Registration No, The courses, Passing Year, Institutes or Collage affiliation status with university.

The requirement of the technical and academic skills is increasing day by day in every role in every organisation. Parallels of it thousands of candidates fabricated their certificates just to get into the dream jobs and better prospects.

This is the reason academic qualification degree certificates verification is become extremely important for every organization.

Knowy suggests not to take risk and go ahead with education qualification verification for every certificate provided by the candidate to get into the said role. Some organisations performed Education background check on qualification (s) which were mandatory to get into that job.

Knowy understands the pain of wrong hiring and offers education verification services to its clients.

Knowy uses two methods for education process, which can be selected as per choice by clients:
  • Education Verification (Method-1) : To verify the document through results/ online data available publicly or through verbal confirmation through our internal Networks/ vendors from that university/collage (Less Secure)
  • Education Verification (Method-2) : To verify the document directly though university as per verification process of university (More Secure)
As verification experts, KNOWY is here to support you with your compliance processes so that you can shift your time and focus to what really matters – making your business successful.

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